Skills I’ve upgraded during during the lockdown: home decorating and cleaning, minimalism and storage, coffee brewing, knitting and crocheting, fitness and exercising at home, budgeting, daily action and gratitude lists, and female friendships. Next: plant parenting.

These times are so weird and I can’t believe governments keep dragging it on and forcing us all to stay home in fear, doing so much damage to people’s social lives and livelihoods, and immune systems. I think for most of us the human body is strong and we should be out fighting.

I took the day off yesterday for the first time since the work-at-home order. For the day, I took back my home. I love my job, and I love my home, but I don’t like that the two are combined again, that it is now like my job owns my home. I choose office work, in part, for these reasons.

What coffee looks like this week. ☕️ I’ve ended up with a plastic Melitta pour over because I couldn’t easily find a metal or ceramic version. Very good for now. Loving the gooseneck kettle. And of course fresh, light roasted beans purchased to support the local cafe.

“Don’t feel bad about outgrowing the people who had the chance to grow with you.”

—Mel Robbins 💬 (Thursday)

“I almost always urge people to write in the first person. … Writing is an act of ego and you might as well admit it.”

—William Zinsser 💬 (Tuesday)

There are things you can’t reach. But You can reach out to them, and all day long. … not just standing around, but standing around as though with your arms wide open.

—Mary Oliver, “Where Does the Temple Begin, Where Does It End?” 💬 (Monday)

How many ways can I up my game while stuck at home? I almost want to be thankful for the forced changes in routine, which have encouraged me to examine habits I may not have otherwise. Water: 64 oz. per day. 🏠💦

Lying in a ditch by the side of the road is no place to find a human being, especially a woman. But in my greatest fears, that is where I found myself — without home, money, or friend. This dystopian daydream was a wonderful clue from my unconscious that I had ditched myself. ✏️

📝 To write without thought for or awareness of the experience of one’s reader is like having a one-sided conversation by talking at someone rather than with or to them.

📝 When I suggest ways to clean up an author’s language, I support them in presenting as the best version of themselves. To write sloppily is to present as lazy, unclear, and uncaring about the experience of the reader. Word choice and order matter.

I quickly grew tired of the muddy, messy French press and then remembered I had a tea infuser. Once I learned to stop using it like an infuser and began treating it like a pour over, I’m actually enjoying the coffee I get from it. ☕️ I’m not much of a tea drinker anyway.

What coffee brewing looks like for the foreseeable future: a tea infuser.☕️ My Kalita Wave was turned around at the Japanese border due to COVID-19. Add it to the growing list of things I can’t get right now, including yarn and curly hair products. Limitations lead to creativity.

Butt on radiator, feet on pouf. What working at home looks like when the heat in the house is turned off two mornings in a row in 30-degree weather. I’m thankful for a responsive and kind apartment manager who came and turned it back on both days.

Peebles Island, NY, where the Mohawk and Hudson rivers meet. After so much time spent housebound, it felt like another world. There’s so much more to look forward to seeing another time. Forgot to capture the breathtaking greenery.

🧶 Nearly 900 yards of yarn resulted in just 14 in. of a crocheted throw. I had planned to knit it, which would use less yarn, but my circular needles broke. Rather than wait weeks to replace them, I decided to crochet. Now I need more yarn instead, also becoming harder to find.

I’m replacing a single-cup Kurig-type brewer that lasted less than 6 months. I’m doing coffee right this time. I never took technique seriously. Why, when you’re fixing so-so taste with cream and sweatener? Small changes in technique wowed me on the first try. ☕️

🍳 As I’m waiting for my Kalita Wave to arrive—Amazon predicts more than a month!—I’m learning to use my French press better. What a difference a few small changes makes! I’m brewing better coffee already. I even enjoyed it black this morning. Back to cream because it’s filling.

I have a French press and don’t love it. Aeropress, pourover, or something else? I’m in the market for a good, nonelectric coffeemaker, with the emphasis on “good coffee.” I used to own a pourover, but I gave it away because it brewed a weak cup. I think I poured too fast. Next?

This week I learned that a friend from college died of cancer in December at the age of 53. Saddened. I wish I had known him more. I can only imagine what his family must feel. is the best of everything: Your Twitter, Medium, and LinkedIn accounts (Tumblr and Mastadon, if you use those), and your independent blog — all in one. Your words and conversations remain yours, no matter what happens on the corporate-controlled sites. Save yourself.

If it’s true that “thoughts create reality” and therefore uber-positive visualization is the way to go, then how does Ferriss’ negative visualization work? The premise: Think of worst-case scenarios, not to avoid them, but to stop fearing them and thereby increase active courage.

Did you know Tim Ferriss uses Finding him here helped convince me to start my own microblog. He hasn’t posted it yet, but his latest episode is about what he calls “fear setting,” from the audio of the TED talk he gave three years ago.